What's an Og? by Mary Barry

Learning about letters and the sounds they make... phonics/phonetics... are important parts of learning how to read.  Engaging children in wordplay with rhyming words is one strategy parents and teachers can use to help their students become more proficient in reading.  In today's guest post, children's author Mary Barry talks about her recently released children's book called What's an Og?... a book full of wordplay and rhymes for the /og/ sound. Keep reading to learn about What's an Og? and how Mary Barry came up with her idea for the story!

Children will learn to read and practice words with the /og/ sound while reading What's an Og by Mary Barry. Phonics. Rhyming book. Preprimer/Primer.

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Guest Post by Mary Barry

Everyone needs their very own Og, Ail, and Ug – but let's start with Ogs.

Just what is an Og? When Baby Owl asks the question, Professor Owl takes readers on a rhyming journey to find words that have the /og/ sound, jog, cog, hog! Ultimately, they discover a mysterious and adorable Og creature.

What's an Og? by Mary Barry

Many years ago, when my children were very young, I used simple phonic sounds and made up individual books for each of them to encourage them to read. They loved their personalized simple books and quickly became avid readers.

Simplicity is the key here.

In What's an Og? Professor Owl takes the reader (and Baby Owl) on a journey of words containing the /og/ sound.

Having found lots of /og/ words, the Professor then starts to describe a cute Og creature that evolves from characteristics of the /og/ words.

What's an Og? by Mary Barry

The book is in an easily readable format with colorful illustrations that provide the reader with clues. Rhyming and repetition make the /og/ sound stick.

Adding in Og activities such as matching pictures and words, coloring, or playing Sud-Og-ku all help to create confidence and build those essential literacy skills that encourage children into the wonderful world of books and reading. Remember those simple books that my kids had? They helped with the illustrations, colored my stick figures, and found other rhyming words.

What's an Og? by Mary Barry Coloring Page

The first book in a series (I CAN read this), these books are designed for young children looking to start reading independently. This book series brings years of teaching experience and science-based knowledge and understanding of learning to benefit young readers. What’s an Ail? next in the series, is in the works at the moment.

What's an Og? by Mary Barry Matching Worksheet

About the Book

Author's Summary: What IS an Og?! And why do kids love him? Og is an adorable, made-up creature that helps kids when they're learning to read. When Baby Owl asks the question, Professor Owl takes readers on a rhyming journey, to find words that have the /og/ sound. Dog, jog, hog! The first book in the I Can Read This series helps your kids discover the joy and fun of reading. An ideal book for beginner readers, who also adore the fun illustrations! It all works together to help make the /og/ sound stick. What’s an Og? will not only improve literacy and reading skills, but it's a perfect way to ignite your child’s passion for reading.

🍎 Title: What's an Og?
🍎 Author: Mary Barry
🍎 Illustrator: Emanuel Alba
🍎 Date: February 28, 2021
🍎 Publisher: Malba Books
🍎 Number of Pages: 32

What is an Og? What's an Og by Mary Barry

About Mary Barry

Born in Ireland many years ago, life has taken me on many exciting journeys, including (now) being an author of children's books.

My careers have gone from lab scientist to science lecturer, to trainer of horses and their humans, to working with other animals, and finally, author. These careers have had lots of deviations and involved travel all over the world. Currently, I’m living in Dorset, UK with a horse and a chicken!

I also have three amazing, but now very grownup, children who all learned to read when they were very young from books I wrote especially for them!

Teaching has long been my passion. (I have taught everything from college-level students to kindergarteners, penguins, otters, horses, chickens, and more.) My main reason for (finally) becoming an author is to help children find a way to love reading for themselves, whether they are just starting out on their reading adventure or struggling.

“Reading is a gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” -Barack Obama

Mary Barry, author of What's an Og?

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