13 Halloween Treats for Your Class Party

Trick or treat!  Every year, children look forward to their Halloween parties at school.  Traditionally, children bring Halloween candy to school to share with their friends, get to wear their Halloween costumes, and march throughout the school in a Halloween parade.  Good times!  

A round up of 13 Halloween party snacks for kids. Ghost lollipops, apple mummies, candy spiders, clementine pumpkins, free printables, and more!

The Halloween snacks featured in this round-up would be perfect for a Halloween party at school.  They were created by moms and teachers from all over the internet and are made from fresh fruit and/or prepackaged items.  These treats can be made at home or as a Halloween craft at school.  There are lots of tasty treats in this post, so let's dive right in!

Vampire Lollipops

Turn store-bought lollipops into Halloween vampires with some googly eyes, ribbon, and craft foam.  Craft by Angela from The Inspiration Edit.

Halloween Vampire Lollipops

String Cheese Ghosts

Draw some eyes and a mouth on these cheese sticks to make little Halloween ghosts.  An easy treat to make... especially if you need to make a large quantity of them!  Craft by Chrysa from Thrifty Jinxy.

Halloween Ghosts String Cheese

Fruit Mummies

These fruit mummies are easy to make and absolutely adorable.  You will need fresh fruit, party streamers, tape, and googly eyes.  Craft by Danya from Danya Banya.

Fresh Fruit Halloween Mummies

Halloween Witch Juice Boxes

Children will have fun creating these juice box witches.  These juice box covers are made with craft foam, glue, and googly eyes.  Craft by Corinne from Wondermom Wannabee.

Halloween Witch Juice Boxes

Candy Spiders

These candy spiders can be used for Halloween or Valentine's Day.  All you need are some chocolate hearts, construction paper, and some tape.  Craft by Carrie from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

Halloween Candy Spiders

3D Halloween Monster Candy Bars

Turn your ordinary candy bars into Halloween monsters with these 3D wrappers.  If you follow the directions properly, the monsters' eyes will pop off the wrappers.  Craft by Susan from Oh My! Creative.

Halloween Monster Candy Wrappers

Halloween Fruit Cups

If you make a tray full of these Halloween fruit cups, it'd look like you were bringing a pumpkin patch to school!  These pumpkins are made from mandarin orange fruit cups and green pipe cleaners.  Craft by Diana from Eating Richly.

Halloween Pumpkin Fruit Cups

Jack O' Lantern Lollipops

These Halloween pumpkin lollipops are super cute and super easy to make.  All you need is some Tootsie Pops, orange tissue paper, and black stickers.  Craft by Pam from The Housewives from Frederick County.

Halloween Pumpkin and Jack O' Lantern Lollipops

Clementine Pumpkins

Turn your clementine oranges into Halloween pumpkins.  One way is to decorate the outside of a clementine.  The other is to peel it and decorate it.  Craft by Leslie from Playdates to Parties.

Halloween Pumpkins Made from Oranges

Monster Mash Pudding Cups

Turn an ordinary pudding cup into a ghost, pumpkin, or Frankenstein's monster! Simply download and print these cute wrappers and wrap your pudding cups with them. Craft by Rachel from Craving Some Creativity.

Halloween Monster Pudding Cups

Applesauce Ghosts

If you are looking for a non-candy Halloween treat, try Halloween ghosts made from applesauce pouches.  Yum!  Craft by Lisa from Drugstore Divas.

Halloween Ghost Applesauce

Monster Fruit Pouches

Another way to decorate your fruit pouches for Halloween is by wrapping them with these pouch covers.  There are 10 different covers to choose from.  Craft by Melissa from Little Lake Country.

Halloween Monster Fruit Pouches

Ghost Lollipops

No Halloween party is complete without a traditional ghost lollipop!  These ghost lollipops are made with Kleenex and Tootsie Pops.  A definite favorite among kids!  Craft by  Deanna from Honey & Lime.

Halloween Ghost Pops

Healthy Halloween Snacks

Lyne from The Ottawa Mommy Club came up with an entire list of healthy Halloween snacks you can make!  Mummies... bats... monsters... and pumpkins... which ones will you choose?

Healthy Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Those are so cute! Our school doesn't celebrate Halloween, but I'm a big fan of pumpkins. Might have to make the fruit cup pumpkins. :)

  2. These are so cute! And I love the mix of sweet, savory, and healthy treats :)

  3. What a great selection! Thanks for including healthy snacks as well as the traditional candy.

  4. Such a great roundup of Halloween treats! These are adorable and great for many classroom parties. Love how simple most of them are too.

  5. I love all these cute ideas!! I think this year I will do the vampire lollipops. I also really like your suggestions for healthy treats too!

  6. Oh I havent seen the apple sauce ghosts before! Will do that for my daughter!