How to Play Mum-ball

How to Play Mum-ball

Have you ever played mum-ball with your students?  It's a terrific game to play during inside recess.  It gets the children up and moving and is super easy.  There are very few rules you need to remember and is only one item you need. . . a big, bouncy, beach ball from your local department store.

To play Mum-ball, the only thing you need is a large beach ball.

How to Play Mum-Ball

The objective of the game is to be the last person standing.  You do this by:
  1. Staying 'mum.'  That means no talking at all, either by accident or on purpose.  Smiling, of course, is highly encouraged!
  2. Catching the ball
  3. Throwing the ball gently and safely to each other
  4. Using good sportsmanship
The following things 'get you out.'  When your students get out, they simply sit down at their desks and watch the game until it's done.
  1. Talking
  2. Dropping the ball
  3. Holding the ball for more than three seconds
  4. Making a bad throw (ie: not reaching the person the ball is being thrown to)
  5. Hitting someone in the head with the ball (also known as 'headhunting')
  6. Using poor sportsmanship
  7. Doing anything that is unsafe
  8. Arguing with the teacher
Lightning Round

Lightning Round

After awhile some of your students will become really good at the game and it will seem like nothing will get them out.  When this happens, declare a 'lightning round' in which the students have to throw the ball as soon as they get it.  

Remember, safety first!  Students are still responsible for throwing and catching the ball safely during the lightning round.  If they do anything that you feel is unsafe, they're out!


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