Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What Happens When You Plant Birdseed?

Earlier this summer, I had an interesting conversation with one of the children in my neighborhood.  She wondered out loud if birdseed were 'real seeds' and if they could be planted the same way 'real seeds' could be.  This set the stage for a fun, month-long science experiment in which we tried to answer the question...

What happens when you plant birdseed?

What happens when you plant birdseed?

Materials Needed

To answer this question, we used materials from my garden shed:
  • plastic flower pot
  • potting soil
  • birdseed


There are no complicated steps to this experiment.  Simply add the potting soil to the flower pot.  Sprinkle a handful of birdseed on top of the soil and gently pack it down a bit.  Place the flower pot in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist.


Within a week, our birdseed began to sprout and it grew quickly.  The first things to grow were some grassy plants and the sunflower seeds.

After a month, most of the grassy plants withered and died.  The sunflowers, however, continued to grow and were eventually transplanted into the garden.  


Birdseed is 'real seed.'  It can be planted like 'real seeds' and will grow if you water it and keep it in a sunny place.

Fun Photos

One morning I went outside and discovered someone had decorated the plants with little lawn decorations and toy animals.  What a fun and adorable surprise!

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