Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pirates, Pirates, and More Pirates!

It's August and we're in the midst of pirate season.  All over the country, there are pirate festivals and celebrations.  Children enjoy dressing up as pirates, singing songs about pirates, and playing pirate games this time of year.  Are you looking for a fun activity to try with your children and students?  Try painting rocks to make pirate gold and going on a treasure hunt!

Treasure Map

Painting Pirate Gold

Every pirate needs gold and one easy and fast way to get gold is to make it!  To make pirate gold, all you need are some:
  • small to medium-sized rocks
  • yellow acrylic paint
  • glitter
  • paintbrushes

Making gold is easy.  There are only three steps:
  1. Paint the rocks yellow.
  2. Sprinkle glitter on the rocks while the paint is still wet.
  3. Let the painted rocks dry.
Pirate Gold-- painted rocks
These gold nuggets were painted by one of my preschool students.

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, how about reading a story?  One well-loved pirate adventure is Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map (affiliate link to Amazon).  In Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map, Pete sets out to find some treasure.  Along the way, he meets a monster and befriends him.  Together they learn an important lesson... treasure is no fun if you can't share it with your friends!

Book Cover

Searching for Gold

After the paint on the rocks has dried, have an adult hide them around the room, around the playground, in the backyard, or some other place. Then have the children go on a treasure hunt. They can work alone, in pairs, or in teams to find as many gold rocks as possible. Once all of the rocks are found, hide them again. Keep playing as time allows or until the children are ready for a snack.

Pirate Gold

Pirate Ship Snacks

Megan from Food and Whine came up with a creative pirate-themed snack.  She made pirate ships out of orange wedges and pirate flags and floated them on top of blue Jello.  How adorable are they?  They would be the perfect snack to eat after a treasure hunt!

Courtesy of Food and Whine
(I found this snack idea on Pinterest and don't know where it came from.  If you recognize this photo and know where it comes from, please let me know.  I want to give credit to the correct source!)
(Next Article: F is for Flag)

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