Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist

Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist is a children's book about two geese... Grouchy Goose and Gossipy Goose... who learn about manners, making good choices, and friendship.  In today's guest post, Betina Baptist describes the inspiration for Grouchy Goose and how you can integrate it into your lessons about emotions and facial expressions.  Keep reading to learn more! 

Learn about emotions, facial expressions, & friendship with the children's book Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist. Guest post. Minilesson. Animal story.

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Guest Post by Betina Baptist

Don’t be a Grouchy Goose!!! I am sure you have heard or said this expression at least once in your life? I found myself saying it aloud to an actual goose one day. It was quite funny how it happened. I was walking my dog, Scrappy Doo, around a lake when I saw a goose herding other geese. He was herding them like sheep, while he honked, honked, honked, and fussed at them loudly. His feathers were all ruffled up and it looked as though his eyebrows (Do geese have eyebrows?) were drawn uptight. He looked, acted, and sounded extremely grouchy... and a little scary!! I saw him do this on several occasions. I noticed when he wasn’t being grouchy he was sitting all alone. This made me so sad for him. The other geese sat together in a big group. I told this goose, as I walked by him (in fear), You are not going to have any friends and will continue to sit all alone if you don't quit being a Grouchy Goose! The moment those words came out of my mouth I knew I had to write about this goose and his struggles.

Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist

After my encounter with the “grouchy goose” at the lake, I decided to write Grouchy Goose, the book. It was written for children to help them understand and recognize what it means to be grouchy. Of course, I had to give Grouchy Goose a friend, so he meets a talkative goose named Gossipy Goose. She, just like Grouchy Goose, has her own set of problems!

As a mother, I understand the heartbreak a parent feels when they see their child struggling with making friends. It is hard to see a child sitting alone at a table or being left out on the playground. Maybe we can help children by teaching them the proper way to act, behave, and carry themselves around other people. We need to teach children that having good manners and a good attitude truly does matter. In the book, Grouchy Goose and Gossipy Goose learn that being grouchy or gossipy can keep you from making and keeping friends. Sometimes children need examples of what being grouchy is: Yelling or talking loudly, having a grouchy expression, stomping around with your fists clenched, and pointing fingers are all signs of being grouchy… Grouchy Goose does all of that in the book. The good thing is we can choose not to be grouchy or gossipy. So, put a smile on your face, and let’s help our kiddos conquer their Grouchy Goose or Gossipy Goose within…after all, we all have one!!!

Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist

Book Description

Grouchy Goose is a funny, rhyming tale about two “unknowingly” misbehaved geese who help each other figure out the key to making friends. They learn together that being grouchy or gossipy are not good qualities to have if they want to be invited to play with the other geese. It is a lesson on how to behave, act, and treat others properly in order to gain and keep friends. Adults can also benefit from reading Grouchy Goose because we all get a little grouchy sometimes! The book has colorful pictures, large letters for easy reading, cute characters, and a moral to the story... Don’t be a grouchy or gossipy goose if you want to be invited to play!

🍎 Title: Grouchy Goose
🍎 Author: Betina Baptist
🍎 Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.
🍎 Date: July 25, 2019
🍎 Pages: 28

Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptiste

Lessons from Grouchy Goose

The world with all its worries and woes has made us all a little edgy and sometimes a little grouchy. Did you know you can be in a habit of being grouchy? It is true! When this happens, we need to remind ourselves to think positive thoughts, say positive things, and always look for the good in others and in the world around us. (Eating a bit of chocolate helps too.) 

In the book, Gossipy Goose overhears Grouchy Goose ask himself why the other geese will not play with him. Gossipy Goose then asks Grouchy Goose if his “expression” could be the key? Throughout the beginning of the book, Grouchy Goose has a grouchy expression on his face. He also stomps when he walks with his wings fisted tight and yells at the other geese when he speaks. Eventually, Grouchy Goose leans over and sees his reflection in the water. He cannot believe his expression. He says, “I look grouchy as a goose can be.”

Grouchy Goose by Betina Baptist

Children can have fun learning about the different expressions we humans sometimes have on our faces. We can look mad, sad, happy, grouchy, scared, surprised, and even disgusted. If possible, have the children see their reflections in a mirror. Allow them to make each expression listed. Talk to them about how each expression makes them feel and how it may make other people feel. Grouchy Goose did not realize he looked grouchy until he saw his reflection in the water.

If you cannot get a mirror for kids to see their reflections in, then you can make the faces. This exercise should be fun because kids love it when their teachers, parents, or caregivers have fun and act silly. Have them tell you what expression you are doing and how you must be feeling. Ask them how that expression makes them feel.
Betina Baptist, Children's Author

Betina Baptist lives in the beautiful state of Tennessee with her loving husband, Jerry. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her two dogs Luna and Scrappy Doo. In her spare time, Betina loves to sketch cartoon characters and write children’s books. She also enjoys taking long walks and preparing healthy, delicious meals for her husband.  You can follow Betina on Goodreads.

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