School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

Are you looking for a new children's book to read to your students during the first week of school? A book to make them feel positive about coming back to school? A book to make them feel like a valued member of the school community? Children's author and illustrator Kelley Donner published her children's book School is More Than a Building in May and it would be an excellent read for that first week. In this blog post, Kelley Donner writes about her new book, where the inspiration for the book came from, and the resources you can download to go with it. Keep reading to learn more about School is More Than a Building!

School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

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Guest Post by Kelley Donner

This past year was anything but ordinary. I have three boys and we went from being in school to home school and back again a few times. Although I have spent many years teaching, this past year I was able to observe school from a completely different angle. During the stay-at-home order, I had my office in the same room as my seven-year-old. I would have preferred the office, but my husband had already taken dibs on that. My ten-year-old was in the kitchen and my eleven-year-old was in his room upstairs. For most of the morning, I felt as if I was in a second-grade classroom and when I went down to get a snack I was transported into fifth grade. It felt like I was part of a strange experiment with no idea how the outcome would be. I wondered, would my children be happier at home? Would they miss school?

School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

My children have fantastic teachers who bent over backward to make things work, but homeschooling was not the same. They missed being in the classroom. They missed the personal touch that their teacher offered. They missed hanging out with their friends. Art and sport lessons which they used to love were just not the same. They were often grumpy, did fewer sports, got tummy-aches, and their self-confidence for things they normally did well began to decline. The more I thought about it, the more I realized just how many things they were missing. Their independence. Their school community. Their sense of self. On the day I brought my children to school for the first time after a lengthy time at home, my ten-year-old who used to complain of having to go to school in the morning sat in the back of the car, closed his eyes, smiled, and said, “We’re going to school.” That morning I went home with an idea for a children’s book which celebrated everything that schools are and how important they are for children’s health and well-being. That idea became School is More Than a Building

A school is more than a building, it’s a place where… 

School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

School is More Than a Building is an uplifting story for children of primary school age which celebrates how important schools can be for children's health and well-being. Having worked in many different types of classrooms, I have tried to put together more than just a book. At you will find a resource pack that includes various lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and art activities that you can use in the classroom. In addition, I’ve put together a storytime video with a short art lesson that you can use in your school. 

I hope you enjoy my book and agree with me that a school is so much more than just a building!

School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

About School is More Than a Building 

🍎 Author: Kelley Donner
🍎 Illustrator: Kelley Donner
🍎 Publisher: A Little Donnerwetter Books 
🍎 Date: May 27, 2021
🍎 Pages: 34

School is More Than a Building by Kelley Donner

Watch this video of me reading School is More Than a Building and learn how to draw a character like the ones in the book.

School is More Than a Building can be found on most online retail sites. You can find more information about the book on my website, Facebook page, and in my Facebook group School is More Than a Building

Kelley Donner, author of School is More Than a Building

Kelley Donner has written several children’s stories including The Day the Lines Changed which was featured in the Washington Post as one of the top ten children’s books about the pandemic (07/2020) and A Very Corona Christmas, an Amazon best-selling new release (10/2020). Kelley is originally from Kansas. She received her Master's degree in Illustration and Book Arts from the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin and currently lives with her husband and three boys in the UK.

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