Goo on My Shoe by Jacqui Shepherd

When teaching reading to young or struggling readers, teachers often use poetry as one of the strategies to help them.  There are a lot of reasons why we use poetry:

🍎 Poems tend to be brief and easier to read.
🍎 Repetitive reading and mastery of poems build students' confidence.
🍎 Choral reading of poems encourages hesitant students to read out loud with the others.
🍎 Teachers can use poetry to teach word recognition skills and build vocabulary.
🍎 We feel emotions when we read poetry.  Talking about those emotions helps to build a better understanding of ourselves and others.

Goo on My Shoe by Jacqui Shepherd is a story for young readers that is written in poetic form.  It has a likable main character and a storyline that will keep students engaged and motivated to read.  Read on to learn more about Goo on My Shoe and how you can integrate it into your language arts lessons.  There is even a simple goo recipe for you to make with your students!

Learn about rhyming words, words with the /oo/ sound, and how to make your own goo with the book Goo on My Shoe by Mari Schuh.

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Author's Summary

Clever, funny rhymes and delightful illustrations make this a book that children will love and one that is fun for parents too.  A young boy discovers that getting goo off your shoe is not an easy thing to do. Will he have any luck getting the dreadful goo unstuck?  Find out in this humorous, feel-good story that begs to be read out loud. A captivating, engaging picture book that will make kids smile and giggle. Perfect for reading over and over again.

🍎 Title: Goo on My Shoe
🍎 Author: Jacqui Shepherd
🍎 Illustrator: SKlakina
🍎 Date: December 5, 2019
🍎 Publisher: Coffee-Bum Publishing
🍎 Pages: 39

Read the Story

Go on My Shoe is a fun story, so be prepared to read it more than once! Before you read the story to your students, take a few minutes to picture walk through the story. Who is the main character?  What do you see happening to him?  How do you think he feels?  What is the problem of the story?  How does the little boy solve his problem?  When you read Goo on My Shoe, read it with animation and rhythm.  Have fun with it!  Read the story a couple of times... soon your students will be reading/reciting it with you.

Learn about rhyming words, words with the /oo/ sound, and how to make your own goo with the book Goo on My Shoe by Mari Schuh.

Rhyming Words

Goo on My Shoe is written with the rhythm and rhyme of poetry, which makes it fun for grownups to read and for children to listen to.  As your students listen to you read Goo on My Shoe, they will notice the rhyming words right away and will probably call attention to them without prompting.  After you've read the story a couple of times, do a quick mini-lesson about rhyming words and find them in the story.  What rhyming words can you find?  Rhyming words always sound the same, but do they always look the same?  (Rhyming words have the same vowel and ending sound.)  Can you find the words that rhyme with goo?  Can you think of some other words that rhyme with goo that aren't in the story?  Make an anchor chart with the words.  If time allows, have your students practice reading and tracing some /oo/ words from Goo on My Shoe to help commit them to memory.

Learn about rhyming words, words with the /oo/ sound, and how to make your own goo with the book Goo on My Shoe by Mari Schuh.

To download a FREE copy of this printable (one page in all), please click on the image above. Clicking this image will take you to the Teachers-Pay-Teachers third-party website. This is a FREE download-- no purchase necessary.

Make Your Own Goo!

The main character in Goo on My Shoe is frustrated and upset because the goo on his shoe won't come off no matter what he does.  Students love reading about his struggles and giggle a little bit more with each page.  As a follow-up to reading Goo on My Shoe, let your students make their own goo with this simple, two-ingredient slime recipe!

How to Make Goo with Dish Soap and Salt by Kelly's Classroom Online

You will need:

  • large bottles of hand soap or dish detergent
  • large boxes of salt
  • paper plates
  • popsicle sticks
  • Ziploc sandwich bags

How to Make Goo with Dish Soap and Salt by Kelly's Classroom Online


  • Pass out the paper plates, one per student.
  • Put a couple squirts of soap on each plate.  (Exact amounts aren't required.)
  • Add some salt to the soap.  (Again, exact amounts aren't required.)
  • Students can mix the salt and the soap with the popsicle sticks... or with their fingers!
  •  As the students mix and play with their goo, feel free to give them more salt or soap if they ask for it.  Let them experiment with what happens when they add more salt or more soap.  The texture and consistency of the goo will change, but it will not be ruined.  It's OK if your students focus more on the process of making the goo and not so much on the end product of goo itself.
  • Store the students' goo in their own Ziploc bag and refrigerate.  The cold temperature in the refrigerator will change the texture and consistency of the goo.  No worries... it'll still be OK to play with!
Note: This goo is not edible!  Do not let your students eat it!  If they do, they will experience stomach upset and might even vomit.

To learn more about Goo on my Shoe, visit Jacqui Shepherd's website and watch a reading of Goo on My Shoe by Accelerated Reader.


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