How to Make a Spring Flowers Busy Bag

One of the first blog posts I ever wrote was about making pizza bags for your children. That was a fun post to write and lots of children had fun creating different types of pizza with the pieces in their busy bags. This blog post is about making another type of busy bag your students and children may enjoy... spring flowers! Keep reading for directions.

Directions, material list and photos to make a spring flowers busy bag for young children. Felt, craft foam, pom poms, ribbons, and pipecleaners.

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A lot of moms and preschool teachers like to create busy bags and stash them in their purses, backpacks, diaper bags, totes, etc. Busy bags are simple activities that children play with quietly and independently. They are perfect for long car rides, waiting for food at a restaurant, and even for center time in the classroom.

A mom and her daughter are creating flowers with their busy bag.

Once children hit kindergarten and first grade, they are old enough to help make their own busy bags. This busy bag of flowers is an example of one that children can make with their parents or teachers. The materials don’t need to be anything fancy– the materials in my busy bag come from my arts and crafts scrap basket!

A variety of green felt, craft foam, and pipe cleaners to make stems.

If you want to make a busy bag with your children, first work together to find materials your child is drawn to. (If you’re reading this as a teacher, this would be a good activity for children to do with parent volunteers!) As you can see in this case, the child was drawn to green felt and glittery foam pieces. Help your child cut out the pieces into circles, stems, leaves, petals, and any other shapes you feel like making. It’s OK if the pieces aren’t shaped perfectly. The circles can be wobbly; the stems can be crooked, and the colors don’t have to match. Include a variety of shapes, materials, textures, colors, etc. Strive for enough variety to keep your child engaged, but not too much that will overwhelm him or her.

Possible materials for your busy bag:

Centers of flowers made from glittery craft foam.

Once all of the pieces are cut out, let your child play for a while. Let him or her have fun creating all sorts of bold and colorful combinations. Some of the flowers will be silly-looking and some will look pretty. Either way is totally OK. The goal is for your child to stay busy and content.

Green petals cut from green felt and craft foam.

What do you think of the spring flowers I made? Cute, eh? Even grown-ups can enjoy playing with busy bags!

Flowers made from green felt and craft foam.

Flowers made from craft foam.

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