How to Make a Macaroni Christmas Wreath Craft

Sometimes the best gifts we receive from our children and our students are the ones they make from the heart. These gifts don’t have to be store-bought. They don’t have to look 'perfect.' And they don’t need to cost a lot of money. The gifts that mean the most are often the ones that are homemade by someone we love. Today's blog post is about a quick-and-easy Christmas craft you can make with your students and children... macaroni wreaths! Keep reading to learn more.

Directions for making Christmas wreaths out of macaroni. Kids craft. All ages. You will need cardboard, macaroni pasta noodles, paint, and glue.

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Materials Needed

The materials needed to make these macaroni wreaths can be purchased inexpensively at a dollar store. To make these wreaths, you will need:
  • a variety of macaroni noodles (We used farfalle, shells, and elbows.)
  • red and green acrylic paint
  • Elmer's white glue
  • glitter
  • craft bows
  • paintbrushes
  • optional: Mod Podge

How to Make a Macaroni Christmas Wreath

Since there are just a few steps to make a macaroni wreath, this would be an ideal last-minute Christmas craft for your students to make and take home.

  1. Cut circles out of the cardboard. (Younger students may need help with this.) The circles can be as small or as large as desired.
  2. Glue the macaroni onto the cardboard circles. Let them dry.
  3. Paint the wreaths with acrylic paint.
  4. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the wreaths with glitter. Let them dry.
  5. Optional: For a shiny effect, cover the wreaths with Mod Podge. Let them dry.
  6. Glue a bow on each wreath. 
  7. Let the wreaths dry and send them home.

Macaroni wreath in progress: dried macaroni noodles glued to a cardboard circle

Children of all ages love making macaroni wreaths. It's an open-ended craft and each wreath is as unique as the child who created it. Check out these two examples made by children of different ages. They were given the same set of directions... use these items to make a Christmas wreath for someone you love.

complete macaroni wreath Christmas gift #1

The older child took her time while making her wreath. She used a combination of farfalle and shells to make a traditional-looking wreath. Glitter and Mod Podge were applied to give her wreath a shimmer.

completed macaroni wreath #2

The younger child also wanted to make a traditional-looking Christmas wreath. He used a combination of farfalle, shells, and elbows. Even though this child's macaroni wreath isn't as detailed as his sister's above, it's still wonderful. Mod Podge and LOTS of glitter were applied to give it a shine.

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