Minecraft Math: Thanksgiving Pixel Art

I love Minecraft pixel art. Back in September, I wrote a blog post about the advantages of having children create pixel art while playing Minecraft, described how creating pixel art can strengthen their math skills, and shared directions for making three Halloween pumpkin designs. In today's post, I'm sharing the directions you need to make this Thanksgiving turkey pixel art in Minecraft. Keep reading for details!

Children can build this Thanksgiving turkey pixel art in Minecraft by following a pattern on a graph. Minecraft math, STEM, technology activity. #kellysclassroomonline

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It's Turkey Time!

Inspiration for Minecraft pixel art can come from anywhere. The inspiration for today's pixel art comes from this crochet pattern posted by Pixel Perfect Crochet. When people crochet blankets and afghans, they often use graphs to plan the colors and layout ahead of time. Crochet patterns like this turkey one are terrific for children to follow. Simply download this graph from Pixel Perfect Crochet, print a copy of it with colored ink, and laminate it if you'd like.

Turkey Crochet Graph by Pixel Perfect Crochet

Note: When used for making pixel art, the numbers along the bottom axis and right axis of this graph indicate how tall and wide the design will be. (The numbers on the left axis and right axis are used when crocheting and aren't needed for Minecraft.) 

Minecraft Math: Thanksgiving Pixel Art

Pixel art can be created on all Minecraft platforms, with or without the Minecraft Education option enabled. Even though I created this turkey in creative mode, it can be created in survival or hardcore mode as well. Totally up to you!

Minecraft Math: Thanksgiving Pixel Art

The final design will require approximately 490 blocks of wool... assuming I counted correctly...
  • white: 136
  • brown: 109
  • green: 40
  • orange: 69
  • red:60
  • yellow: 74
  • black: 2

Minecraft Math: Thanksgiving Pixel Art

Depending on your students' experiences with Minecraft, creating this turkey pixel art can be time-consuming. This particular pixel art took me 20 minutes to place each block one at a time. Something to consider... if you are teaching coding to your students, can they create a code to build this turkey instead of building it one block at a time like I did?

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