Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

Last June, author Renata Kaminska released her first children's book Hector, A Dog's StoryHector, A Dog's Story is a moving children's book that takes place during World War II and is told from the perspective and point of view of a family's pet. When one of Hector's owners dies, readers witness the grieving process Hector goes through and how he learns to find happiness again.

In today's guest post, Renata Kaminska writes about her children's book Hector, A Dog's Story, how dogs can affect children's development, and how having a dog can foster empathy in children. Keep reading to learn more!

Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska is a chapter book told from the perspective of a little dog whose owner passes away during World War II.

This is a guest post written by Renata Kaminska, author of Hector, A Dog’s Story. To learn more about guest posts, please visit the Authors, Publishers, and Sponsors page. Disclosure: Affiliate links to Amazon are included in this post.

Guest Post by Renata Kaminska

Juliane Kaminski from the University of Portsmouth in her research has revealed that dogs developed new muscles around the eyes to better communicate with people. "Dogs process what we say in an incredibly similar way to the human brain," said NPR Attila Andics, a neuroscientist at Eotvos Lorand University. Meanwhile, Azabu University in Sagamihara, Japan, found that when people lock eyes with their dogs, this process generates the "love hormone" oxytocin.

Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

I believe that dogs, like people, have personalities and feelings. They express them through their eyes, their barks, and by the wagging of their tails. What if only they could talk?

It might be curious to think how the world and our lives look from a dog’s perspective? That’s why my intention was to create a story that might be a human's story as well. The friendship between a child and a dog is unique. Especially when the child grows up with the puppy from an early age and treats it as his siblings. A dog under one roof with a child is a great beginning of a lifetime adventure.

At the same time, the decision of bringing a dog into your family is not easy. It’s actually a bigger decision than deciding to buy a new car or a new home. We have to realize that the dog is not a toy and cannot be just a gift or a whim of a child. It is very important for the child to understand that the animal has feelings and needs similar to humans, such as eating, drinking, physiological needs, etc.

Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

Developing empathy and the need to care for an animal is crucial.

Petting and cuddling an animal can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. A dog can be a good partner for a child in exploring the world and helping manage behavioural problems.

A child, growing up with an animal, observes it, learns empathy, a sense of duty, care, responsibility, and learns the needs of others. The presence of a dog has a positive effect on the physical and emotional development of a child, regardless of age.

Dogs are not only playmates. Research shows that having a dog reduces a child's feeling of loneliness. This is especially important now during a pandemic when parents need to combine work and household chores.

Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

How might a book about dogs affect a child's development?

The fact that dogs have feelings reminds us of the puppy named Hector from Hector, A Dog's Story. Hector is looking for happiness - in contrast to the grey reality of the Second World War. The plot also breaks the taboo of difficult topics in children's literature. Hector, A Dog's Story is a story that proves that hope never dies and that happiness awaits everyone.

Hector, A Dog's Story can be a good partner for a child in learning about the world. Hector is a dog full of energy and curious observations. Children can easily identify with him, and he can help them see things from a different perspective that seem difficult or insurmountable.
Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

About Hector, A Dog’s Story

🍎 Author's Summary: In a nutshell, it is a story about love, friendship, and a puppy named Hector who is looking for happiness during the grey reality of the Second World War. It is a story that proves that hope never dies and that happiness awaits everyone.

🍎 Title: Hector, A Dog’s Story
🍎 Author: Renata Kaminska
🍎 Illustrator: Irfan Budi Harjo
🍎 Publisher: Kamreno Ltd
🍎 Date: June 1, 2020
🍎 Pages: 101

Hector, A Dog’s Story by Renata Kaminska

Hector, A Dog's Story which brings readers from over 16 countries on 5 continents can be ordered along with free gifts at: https://www.hectorandfriends.com.

author Renata Kaminska with her students

Since she was, 12, Renata dreamed of publishing her own novel to raise money for dog foun­dations. Her idea for the novel was to explore how the world and our lives would look through the perspective of a dog searching for a home against the backdrop of World War II. Finally, she made her dream come true. The book and the initiative were supported by 11 organizations, including 7 charity foundations, and received positive reviews from such publications as UK’s Dog Magazine, Westminster Children University, Kensington Magazine, and Robin Age -India’s magazine for children. Renata also conducts workshops with children in English and Polish schools as part of dog mentoring. The first book Hector, A Dog’s Story partners with Westminster Children's University. If you want to stay current with her, join her VIP email list! She will send out free coloring pages, launch announcements, book discounts, and more! You can follow Renata on Facebook,  Instagram, and Youtube! Hector, A Dog's Story can be purchased online on Amazon UK.

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