Craft Ideas for Making and Decorating Flowerpots

In my most recent blog post, I created a list of easy-to-grow flowers you can grow in your classroom. This blog post contains a round-up of flowerpot crafts that you can make and decorate for those flowers. The flowerpots featured in this round-up were created by moms and teachers from all over the internet. If you see a craft in this post that you'd like to try, click on its link and head to its original website for material lists, directions, photos, etc. There are lots of terrific craft ideas in this post, so let's dive right in!

A list of 12 flowerpot crafts you can make with your students at school or with your children at home. Perfect for springtime planting & Mother's Day.

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Craft Ideas for Making and Decorating Flowerpots

1. These fingerprint flowerpots by Messy Little Monster would be a fun project for preschool students.

Two terracotta pots painted blue with yellow and pink flowers painted on the outside

2. These melted crayon flower pots by Twitchetts could enrich your science lessons about adding heat to a solid to make a liquid.

Terracotta flowerpots decorated with designs made by melting crayons onto them

3. These twig-wrapped flowerpots by Growing Family would be fun to make after a nature walk.

A terracotta flowerpot with twigs glues onto it

4. Children in preschool and kindergarten would have fun making these handprint flowerpots by Where the Smiles Have Been.

A terracotta pot with handprints and flowers painted onto it

5. These flowerpots by Two Kids and a Coupon were decorated using the pour-painting technique.

Terracotta flowerpot painted with purple and teal paint poured over it

6. If you work with younger children and are looking for an alternative to traditional terracotta pots, try these faux terracotta pots by The Inspirational Edit.

Homemade spring flowers in a green, Styrofoam cup

7. These monochromatic terracotta flowerpots by The DIY Nuts would be a fun culminating activity for your art lessons about color and hue.

Terracotta flowerpots painted with black, grey, and white designs

8. Children can learn about the art of stenciling while making these hand-stenciled flowerpots by Mamas Smiles.

Three terracotta flowerpots decorated with the initial of children stenciled onto them

9. If you have access to dry cement powder and acrylic paints, your students can make these concrete planters by The Soccer Mom.

Two succulent plant in homemade concrete planters

10. Children can learn about upcycling and biodegradable products by making these newspaper planters by Carrots Are Orange.

Close up of beans planted in a homemade newspaper flowerpot

11. After learning about artist Frida Kahlo, children can paint Frida's portrait on these planters by The Craft Train.

a picture of Frida Kahlo has been painted on this terracotta flower pot

12. These baby chick flowerpots by Red Ted Art would be fun for children to make this spring.

one feathery blue terracotta pot and one feathery yellow terracotta pot

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