Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the children's book Living in Two Homes Is Tough by child author Abby Cadet. Abby's book is based on her personal experiences of having divorced parents and how she felt about splitting her time between her parents' houses. In today's guest post, author Melodie Tegay tells us about her children's book Hannah's Two Homes: Life in a "Blended" Family-- A 5 Year Old's Perspective. Hannah's Two Homes gives us another insight into what it's like for children to have two homes. Keep reading to learn more about Hannah's Two Homes and how Melodie Tegay came up with the idea for her story!

Learn about the book Hannah's Two Homes: Life in a "Blended" Family. A book about a girl who splits her time between her mom and dad's houses.

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About Hannah's Two Homes: A 5 Year Old's Perspective

🍎 Author's SummaryHannah’s Two Homes is a work of fiction geared to a pre-K to second grade level. It is a picture book that can be read to a child or, due to its simple sentence structure and vocabulary, might be read by the child who is at a beginning independent reading level. The story represents the thoughts of five-year-old Hannah, who splits her life between her Mom’s and Dad’s residences and her two sets of half-brothers and half-sisters. In the book, Hannah is sharing what she might be thinking if her emotions were “given a voice.” It can be the springboard from which the reader—parent, grandparent, or teacher—can begin a discussion and show their compassion for the child’s unique situation while gaining some valuable insights into their child’s perspective. It is a story of hope, coping, optimism, and ultimately, the healing power of love.

🍎 Author: Melodie Tegay
🍎 Publisher: self-published
🍎 Date: May 11, 2018
🍎 Pages: 26

Cover of Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

Guest Post by Melodie Tegay

In today's world, many young children find themselves in situations where they are not living full time with both of their parents. While adults often have the ability to get help with the problems of rebuilding their lives; more often than not the children involved feel saddened and confused. BUT what if there were a delightful, easy-reader, children's picture book that could help young kids make sense of what's happening to them and create an opportunity, a springboard, to discuss their feelings with a family member, teacher, social worker, physician, or therapist? Especially if, by doing so, it actually improved the child's ability to adjust to the many changes taking place during this stressful time?

Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

My undergraduate studies and graduate degrees in social work, psychology, and teaching, made me acutely aware of the importance of self-esteem in a child's healthy development. 33 years later, as a now semi-retired primary teacher, I became aware of some startling statistics reported in a 2017 article from the PEW Research Foundation. It revealed that 20% of all married parents were divorced and 50% of never-married parents were separated by the time their children are 9 years old!

Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

In spite of these numbers, nursery and primary teachers are hard-pressed to find kid lit which reflects the cultural diversity of the American family structure when they are teaching their units about the family. To my dismay then, and even today, there is a dearth of appropriate easy reader, children's picture books whose characters provide role models who deal with this reality from the child's perspective. Nor have I seen stories that touch on the holidays where each side of these newly formed, often interfaith families, will now be celebrating in their separate households.

Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

I wrote Hannah’s Two Homes to fill this gap; creating a book that fits equally well in a 4 to 8-year-old’s home, the parenting or children’s section of the local bookstore or public library, a preschool or primary classroom, or in a social worker's, guidance counselor's, pediatrician's or therapist’s office.

Hannah's Two Homes by Melodie Tegay

Review from Online PR media

In her book, Hannah's Two Homes: Life in a "Blended" Family; a 5 Year Old's Perspective, author Melodie Tegay tackles these issues through the eyes of a child. Meet Hannah, who is getting used to living between her Mom's and her Dad's culturally diverse residences while, simultaneously, trying to fit into the dynamics of two newly reformulated family structures involving step-parents, and half-siblings. While remaining positive and upbeat, Mrs. Tegay pens her characters with a lighthearted hand, and colorful illustrations. By using simple sentence structure and easy-to-read vocabulary, she creates an opportunity for children, from pre-K through second grade, to better cope with this fragile, and sometimes anxiety-filled, issue.

Melodie Tegay, author

Hannah’s Two Homes was a finalist in the 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards contest in the Little Peeps Early Learner division. It is on Ramona Marrow’s Top Children's Picture Books for Kindergarteners list and is recommended reading for 4-8year olds by Megan Paghetti, administrator of The Family Book Club. Hannah's Two Homes is also featured on Ella's Way- a charitable organization that donates S.E.L. books to local hospitals and schools.

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