Top Five Science Materials in Your Junk Drawer

Once upon a time many moons ago, I posted an article called The Top 5 Science Materials to Keep in Your Kitchen. Science materials don't need to be high-tech or expensive. Check out these top five science materials you probably have in your junk drawer right now.

Use the paper clips, coins, batteries, rubber bands, and old candy in your junk drawer for some awesome STEM experiments and science experiments!
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🍎 Paper Clips

You probably have a lot of paper clips at the bottom of your junk drawer. I know I do. Paper clips can be used in water displacement ("How many paper clips can you add to this glass of water before it overflows?") and magnetism experiments.

STEM Experiments Using Paper Clips

🍎 Coins

As coins age, they become tarnished and lose their shine. Soaking coins in different kinds of liquids and observing how those liquids affect the surface of the coins is a quick and easy science experiment for children.

STEM Experiments Using Coins

🍎 Batteries

Batteries can be used in a lot of science experiments, but are essential when building circuits and electromagnets.  Adult supervision is required if you are going to try some science experiments involving electricity!

STEM Experiments Using Batteries

🍎 Rubber Bands

You probably have a lot of rubber bands at the bottom of your junk drawer too. Not only can you make massive rubber band balls out of them, but you can also use them to make slingshots, rocket launchers, and catapults.

STEM Experiments Using Rubber Bands

🍎 Old Candy

Mmmmm.... candy! There are many wonderful scientific experiments you can do with candy. You can soak it, stretch it, heat it, or freeze it if you don't want to eat it.  

STEM Experiments Using Candy

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