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It Came from Under the High Chair: A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand

It Came from Under the High Chair... fully known as It Came from Under the High Chair – Salió de Debajo de la Silla Para Comer: A Mystery in English and Spanish (affiliate link to Amazon)... by Karl Beckstrand is a funny book that children who speak either English or Spanish can enjoy.  It features Ivan, a messy baby, who drops food under his highchair.  Somehow this food magically comes to life and becomes an icky, ooey-gooey, slimy food monster.  Read on to learn more about It Came from Under the High Chair and to find an ooey-gooey slime recipe inspired by the book!

Language arts lesson and slime recipe for Karl Beckstrand's It Came from Under the Highchair-Salió de Debajo de la Silla Para Comer: A Mystery

Title: It Came from Under the Highchair: A Mystery
Author: Karl Beckstrand
Illustrator: Jeremy Higgenbotham
Publisher: Premio Publishing and Gonzo Books
Date: May 21, 2019
Pages: 36

Story Summary from Amazon

A mysterious visitor brings intrigue, excitement, and laughs to a biracial family.  Elena is a sensible child. Unlike her whacked-out brother Benjamin, she sticks to reason and facts—but not for long. Elena’s practical world is about to be turned on its ear thanks, in part, to her baby brother Ivan…and an unusual guest!  Get this gross humor book in Spanish, bilingual, hard/soft/ebook versions. A multi-racial monster book with Filipino and Polynesian children, a mixed-race family, and a Basset Hound. A picture book of prepositions, monsters, and heroes—with finding/counting activity, Spanish-English pronunciation guide, and online SECRETS.

It Came from Under the High Chair by Karl Beckstrand

Karl Beckstrand writes a large portion of his children's books in both English and Spanish. In It Came from Under the Highchair, the pages have both English and Spanish on them. This is great for English and Spanish-speaking children to practice reading in their own languages. It's also great for English speaking children who are learning Spanish and for Spanish speaking children who are learning English. (ESL teachers... check this one out!)

It Came from Under the High Chair: A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand


Throughout It Came from Under the Highchair, the author makes a point of using a lot of prepositions in both English and Spanish.  In some versions of the book, you will be able to see each preposition highlighted in red.  At the end of It Came from Under the Highchair, there is a glossary of prepositions and how they translate into English and Spanish.  

What is a preposition?  A preposition is a word or a group of words that usually describe the position of something.  Prepositions can also describe when, how, or the possession of something.  Here is a list of commonly used prepositions (English only), many of which can be found in It Came from Under the Highchair:

My List of Prepositions from It Came from Under the High Chair: A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand

(To download a FREE copy of this graphic organizer, please click on the image above. Clicking on this image will take you to the Teachers-Pay-Teachers third party website. This is a FREE download-- no purchase necessary.)

It Came from Under the High Chair: A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand

Let's Make a Food Monster!

The food monster that emerges out from under the highchair steals the show and essentially becomes the main character.  Children love reading about the places where the food monster hides, its antics, and how the family in the story gets worked up!  As a fun follow up to the story, why not work together to make your very own ooey-gooey, slimy food monster?

You will need:

  • two cups of water
  • one 4-ounce bottle of glue
  • one teaspoon of borax
  • food coloring (optional)
  • embellishments for additional color and texture (optional)

Making Slime


  • Take two small bowls and pour one cup of water into each one.
  • Add the borax into bowl #1.
  • Add the glue to bowl #2.
  • Pour the contents of bowl #1 into bowl #2.
  • Add your embellishments and food coloring, if desired.
  • Mix everything together with your hands and have fun!
  • Store your slimy food monster in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator when you are done playing with it.

Making Slime

My helper enjoyed the process of making our slimy food monster but was thoroughly grossed out by the slime itself.  She was even more grossed out when I suggested adding some frozen mixed vegetables and cold macaroni as embellishments!  So, we decided not to add any embellishments at all.  -sighs-  We simply poured the slime into a jar, put the jar into the refrigerator, and called it done.  Oh well.  Making an ooey-gooey, slimy food monster isn't for everybody!

How to make slime with water, glue, and borax

Have you tried making slime with your students and children?  What was it like for you?  Have you read It Came from Under the High Chair – Salió de Debajo de la Silla Para Comer: A Mystery in English and Spanish and have additional ideas for teachers and parents to try?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. This is so cute. I love that you made your own food monster too!!!


    1. Making the slimy food monster was fun. As I kept reading the story and saw that food monster hiding in the pages, I knew I had to make a food monster of my own!

  2. Thank you, again, Kelly for making more for readers to enjoy about my books:)

    1. You are very welcome, Karl! I enjoy reading your books and coming up with ideas for them. Keep writing good books and I'll keep telling teachers and parents about them!


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