Kelly's Classroom was designed and is maintained by me, Kelly Wilson.

My passion for working with children was ignited when I was working in a summer camp while completing my undergraduate studies. Because of my positive experiences at the camp, I decided to major in elementary education.  I earned my degree and went on to teach 2nd and 3rd grades for twelve years in Washington, D.C. During that time, I was honored to be nominated twice for the Teacher of the Year award.

While teaching full time in Washington, D.C., I received a scholarship to participate in a Master's degree program in Education: New Professional Studies.   As a part of my coursework, I conducted quantitative research on education issues and their impact on students in the classroom. After earning my degree, I moved to New York and began teaching third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Teachers and parents are invited to borrow and use any of the ideas found here, as long as credit is given to the original source, and to this website.