Helping Children Make Friends

I recently read an online article from Parenting Science called How to Help Kids Make Friends by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D.  This article describes strategies parents can use to help their children develop positive relationships. Although Dr. Dewar wrote this article with parents in mind, many of the strategies can be utilized by teachers in the classroom as well.  Keep reading to learn more!

Summary of the article How to Help Kids Make Friends by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. 12 strategies for parents and teachers to help children form friendships.
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The 12 strategies in Dr. Dewar’s article include:

🍎 Show your child warmth and respect. 

🍎 Be your child’s “emotion coach.”

🍎 Nurture your child’s ability to empathize and “read minds.”

🍎 Provide a secure social environment.

🍎 Address your child’s aggressive or disruptive behavior problems.

🍎 Teach your child crucial conversation skills such as introducing themselves and how to start a conversation.

🍎 Host social activities that encourage cooperation... not competition.

🍎 Show your child how to handle awkward social situations.

🍎 Help kids learn the art of compromise and negotiation.

🍎 Teach your child how to express remorse and make amends.

🍎 Encourage your child to be understanding and forgiving of other people’s mistakes.

🍎 Monitor your child’s social life.

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