Three Important Children's Learning Styles

As parents and teachers, we want our students to do well in school and to feel confident about themselves and what they are learning.  One of the most important things we can do to help our students is to identify what their individual learning styles are.  In today's guest post, educator Djew Bennis introduces three main learning styles and encourages us to reflect on what our learning styles may be.  Keep reading to learn more!

Descriptions of three learning styles among children: visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic and tactile learners. Preschool to third grade. #kellysclassroomonline

The following is a guest post written by Djew Bennis. To learn more about guest posts, please visit the Authors, Publishers, and Sponsors page.

Guest Post from Djew Bennis

Have you ever wanted to “color outside the lines”, make a wish on a star, or throw a coin in the fountain?  Have you ever wondered how these small rituals started, or why some people enjoy them and others not so much?

Sometimes the activities we are drawn to are dependent upon our dominant learning style and the way we were initially introduced to those rituals.

If you have a positive experience with the custom or traditional way of doing things, then you will more than likely want to repeat those sentiments with your sons and daughters.

If you had a negative experience then you will most likely avoid these routines and steer your family away from following them.

🍎 Visual learners like to read and see things and usually respond or embrace those types of activities that reinforce the visual senses.

A child reading in the library.

🍎 Auditory learners appreciate listening to new information, attending a concert, or tuning into their favorite podcast.

A child and father are listening to music through headphones

🍎 Kinesthetic and hands-on learners like tangible physical tasks to allow their bodies to be physically involved in the activity.

Children are playing with tangrams at school.

Most people are a combination of two of these learning styles, otherwise called their “combo pack”. Which learning style are you?

As a proud mom (of humans & fur babies), Djew Bennis is a retired teacher and educational consultant with 35+ years spanning many classroom settings/abilities and grade levels. A background in literacy, early learning (B-5) and special needs provide diverse perspectives in her role as host of the Homeschool Whisperer and Homeschool Whisperings Facebook groups. Please visit Djew’s website to connect and learn more.

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  1. Kelly, I’m honored you asked me to be a guest poster on your blog.
    The information I’ve learned from your articles and book reviews has helped me draft a new personal reading list and consider other perspective when creating lesson plans that will lend themselves to STEM activities.