Let's Make a Pizza!

Busy bags have become hugely popular among parents and teachers of young children in recent years.  "What are busy bags," you may be wondering?  Busy bags are activities that can be slipped into a Ziploc bag and stored in a purse, diaper bag, glove compartment, or math center.  They keep children busy while quietly engaging them in learning.  

Parents love to give busy bags to their children while they are waiting for their food in a restaurant or sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office.  Teachers use busy bags in math centers to reinforce skills taught in class.  In this blog post, you will learn how to make a simple, pizza busy bag out of felt.  Enjoy!


To make a busy bag pizza, you will need to cut the following shapes out of felt:
  • cheese- 10 yellow strips  
  • pepperoni- 10 brown circles  
  • onions- 10 white half circles  
  • mushrooms- 10 half circles 
  • peppers- 10 half circles
 Of course, you can make more or fewer shapes.  You can also make new different shapes.  Do you like anchovies on your pizza?  Go ahead and cut out 10 little fishes.  Do you like pineapple on your pizza?  Get creative and create your own pineapple shapes.  It's all good fun!

Sample Pizzas

'I'd like a pizza with five slices of pepperoni and eight pieces of cheese, please.'

'I'd like a large pizza with everything on it, please.'

'I'd like my pizza to go.'

Shameless Self-Promotion

Let's Make a Pizza: Book Cover
If you'd like to make a busy bag for your class, but you aren't feeling crafty, you can buy one that has everything already made for you!  All you need to do is 'Print and Cut.'  Clicking the link will take you to my Kelly's Classroom Online store on the TeachersPayTeachers website.  The ready made Let's Make a Pizza activity is available for download and costs only $2.00.  Check it out!

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