Number Sentence Boards from Target's Dollar Spot

I went to Target this week and found these handy number sentence boards tucked away in the back of the Dollar Spot.  My students and I have been working on multiplication and division related sentences for awhile ("fact families"), so finding them this week was perfect timing.  I snatched up three of them to use with a small group of students.  There were only a couple left on the shelf when I left, so hurry to Target to get some for yourself before they all sell out!

Number Sentence Boards in Original Wrappers

About the Boards

The boards come in individual packs and sell for $3 each.  Each pack contains one DRY ERASE and MAGNETIC number sentence board, one dry erase marker, and 54 magnets.  The magnets include:
  • numbers 0 through 9-- four of each
  • one dollar sign
  • two decimal points
  • one greater than, less than, and equal sign
  • two addition, multiplication, subtraction and division signs
The dimensions of the number sense boards are approximately 9 inches by 12 inches and the magnetic tiles are roughly 1 inch by 1 inch. . . perfectly sized for little fingers to manipulate.

Number Sentence Board in Use
(Edit: It looks like a certain blogger needs to double check her math.  Do you see the error in these related sentences?  Oops!)

My Review

I love these little boards!  They are reasonably priced, practical to use, and students enjoy using them.  Even though I used these number sentence boards for teaching related sentences / fact families, they can be used for a variety of math skills.  They are terrific manipulatives for guided practice and math center activities.

My only concern. . . and it's a little concern, nothing major. . . is that the dry erase surface peels off of the boards if the students aren't careful.  This is an easy fix, however, and can be repaired with glue or tape.

Quick!  Get yourself to Target and grab a couple for your classroom before they are sold out!  You won't be sorry!

Number Sentence Board Close Up


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